Important recommendations for nail masters

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If you are a guru of nail service, these recommendations will be obvious for you. But if you just start you working in the nail beauty industry, they will help you a lot.


  • Make sure your nails look beautiful and well-groomed. You have to be your own best advertisement. If you specialize in something, then demonstrate it on your own nails.
  • Look like a professional. Ideally, the master should always wear a uniform. At least your clothing should be neat and clean. Your image should match the image of the salon.
  • Create a recognizable brand. Today the profession of the nail master has become prestigious. And this cause a big competition, that is why your name should be a real brand. Customers should be very satisfied with the quality of services provided. Use only reliable materials, such as kodiprofessional
  • Refer to the mentor. Find an experienced nail master who will help you become a true professional.
  • Be punctual. Of course, delays are extremely undesirable, but if this happens, you must contact the client personally, apologize and offer a small free service in addition to the basic procedures.
  • Business cards are still relevant. The card must contain the salon name, address, telephone number, website and information about you.
  • Improve your skills continuously. Don’t stop on the achievements you have, try to visit different seminars and master classes systematically.

We hope that our recommendations will have you to achieve good results in your career!