When Was Oceanic Perfume Invented?

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Spring and summer are the perfect seasons to try some fresh, green or oceanic perfumes. The latter ones, by the way, were invented quite recently. In 1991, Christian Dior introduced its iconic fragrance called Dune. The synthetic elements recreated such scents as mountain air, ocean breeze, etc.

The most well-known oceanic perfumes

When you look through the variety of perfumes, you’ll see that oceanic ones are Cristian Dior Dune is the main among the rest. Another popular oceanic scent is Davidoff Cool Water Woman. This one is partially floral as it combines the smell of ozone with water lilies and fruits. This is a very sparkly fragrance suitable for young ladies. Elizabeth Arden Sunflowers is another representative of the category. Although it’s categorized as fruity-floral, it has a signature watery scent. You can find your own oceanic fragrance at By the way, Kenzo has many oceanic perfumes including L’Eau par Kenzo.

The most suitable occasions

Although there are no strict rules of where you need to wear each perfume, this fragrance family is great for job interviews and office days in general. Using this perfume, you create an impression of a clean, fresh person, who is ready to work and be efficient. Regardless of that, you can use it for your everyday life or weekend trips.